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My Eco Guide : Organic Beauty Products

It’s the 21s Century! Being able to choose the right organic beauty products when you are a woman who likes to take care of herself is VITAL. Nowadays, beauty products or make up can be as primordial as brushing your teeth or comb your hair. It’s part of a morning routine. A ritual that is a part of our everyday life. Just look at the thousands of blogs and tutorials online to realize how big this is. The cosmetics industry is thriving and offers every brands for any budget. Yet, as the old saying goes “more is the enemy of good”.
So let’s keep our eyes open to weigh our options and choose what’s best.

The cosmetics industry is not always as pretty as it seems to be. It can be a bit messy. This business is rarely seen as an advocate for the preservation and conservation of the planet. The make up is tested on animals in labs. It is made out of animal fat. ¾ of the beauty products in big shopping center or malls are loaded with heavy chemicals, released into nature via water streams. These releases are disastrous on an ecological point of view. For instance plastic microbeads from scrub or soap always end up in the rivers, the oceans and ultimately every fish in the sea !
So the question is, what can we do if we are an eco warrior who likes to put some make up on or use some beauty products for our bodies ? Is that incompatible ? Think again !

Making your own organic cosmetics

Learning how to make your own homemade organic beauty products

This is by far the most effective solution if you want to be sure of what you use on your skin. It will spare you endless hours of your time trying to decrypt the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging box of this super creamy super freshy new moisturizer. However, let’s be honest. Making your own organic beauty products requires a little bit of training and knowledge. You need to get a few new accessories like pipettes, bowls, jars, a manual, some recipes…and most of all, you need time. Time to do the magic and to actually understand what it is that you attend to do.

Your fridge will turn into an apothecary store and you will raise a few questions among your friends and family. Yet, being able to compose yourself your own organic beauty products is so liberating. Besides, your skin will give you a lot more back.

Nowadays, thanks to many specialized websites, aromatherapy or the art to make your own organic cosmetics thanks to plants, is available to every curious minds. Making your own organic cosmetics becomes a child’s play and every grownups can play. Find an aromatherapy website and give it a go. I’ve been using Aroma Zone a french website, for the past 5 years. Essential oils of peppermint, lemon, lavander, tea tree… I love to carry all my small bottles with me when I travel.

Choosing organic and cruelty free

Everyone knows how organic beauty products is important for your skin. Everyone talks about it and everyone conveys that “chemicals on my skin (and in nature) is wrooooong!”.
On the other hand, animals testing is taboo. No one wants to talk about it, especially in the cosmetic industry. It’s bad press. It’s disturbing. Yet, many famous and legit brands keep using those sickeningly and cruel methods.  Mostly, to insure that they can still export their products in China. It’s mandatory in China.


Europe banned all cosmetics products tested on animals back in 2004. Good initiative, ! It’s been adopted by every western countries which wanted to import their products in Europe.

Nowadays, to find your cruelty free make up, you need to go investigate online beforehand. Most of the time, you won’t find those brands in supermarket or malls but rather online. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) is a non profit organization which fight to defend the animals cause. One of their main battle being animal testing. On their website, you can use a search engine to go through every cosmetics brands  and in less than 5 sec you know if they test on animals or not. Try it HERE.

The Cruelty Free label would be (for now) the only insurrance for the consumer regarding animal testing on beauty products:

  • No finsihed products or ingredients has been tested on animals.
  • Suppliers must have a certificate, proof that they do not use animal testing methods.
  • The brand accepts on-site audits that assess the validity of each label by an independent organism.

cruelty free beauty products labels

Labels like  Leaping Bunny, CrueltyFree Peeta and OneVoice are the only 3 major and most reliable labels you will find in the Beauty Industry.

Brands like Lush and The Body Shop are organic and cruelty free and you can find them easily everywhere. For the past few years, I have only been buying their beauty products when it comes to make up, moisturizers or even perfume. On PETA website, you will find a long list of many brands entirely cruelty free and mostly vegan. Try it ! give it a go ! Don’t forget that the consumer is also the number one influencer in this story. Show the cosmetics industry that the new trend is organic and cruelty free.

Julie’s words

Dans l'oeil de Julie Now is Good

The rumor has it that “whoever cares about the planet can not use cosmetics“. I guess, some might think the use of cosmetics could be seen as going against any  values of respect for nature and animals. That migt have been the case for a long time but this era is coming to an end. And in 2018, there are healthy and sustainable alternatives. Yes. Today you can be a gal who likes to put some make up on and still care a great deal about the planet. It is getting easier and easier to find (or make your own) organics beauty products and cruelty free. Look for the brands with the labels. The only rule to remember is: if it’s sold in China, it is beeing tested on animals. Now that you know all that, it’s just a matter of beliefs and values. That’s what I’ve been applying to my life for the past few years. What about you ?

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