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Packing essentials items for any geeks and ecofriendly travellers
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Packing the essentials for the eco geek

I am an environmentalist traveler ( or you could say eco traveler) and I have my geeky personality sometimes. As it is, here are a few of the essentials items I carry with me when I travel.

Experience taught me that when you are an « on the road » type of traveler, you better avoid the luggage carry on (even luggage with wheels). Expert speaking ! So now, I always go with the 60L hiking backpack, no matter what! Your budget will help you choose the brand that suits you the best. There is enough room for you to pack a few different clothing items for a few months and still be able to pack some more along the way. You will have to invest a minimum of 100 $ if you want high quality and comfort.

So my life holds in a backpack, litterraly. Just like a snail or a hermit crab. My feminine side is not over the moon with the concept but my explorer side loves it !

Let’s swing !

Ha Hammock life ! Not an essential but oh so very cool. It is the symbole of the wanderer (and the camper). Laying there in a cypress trees forests by a campfire or even by the seashore between palm trees. Letting yourself swing with the wind will give you an entire new definition of the world “freedom“.

travel with your hammock for the eco geek

My friends got me a hammock before I went travelling this year. The brand is A ticket to the Moon, an ethical company based in Bali. Their products are hand-made manufactured from the highest quality of nylon parachute fabric . While not just creating amazing products to let you enjoy your outdoor thirst, they aim to raise awareness of larger global challenges. They believe in sustainability and fair-trade production issues. They minimize their carbon footprint using local material and recycling methods. Moreover, no plastic bag is  ever used, not even for shipping.

Gimme some sun !

As a traveler (and a blogger), the low battery sign on my phone or my laptop is becoming more and more problematic. Especially when I travel off the beaten path. The fabulous weapon to fight against the low battery icon is the external battery. An essential item for any geeks on the road. Unfortunately, they tend to unload quite rapidly and to recharge them, you obsviously need a USB port or an electric plug. Quite easy to find when you are a in city but not so easy when you are out in the middle of the wilderness with only your backpack and your hammock. Here comes the new revolution : the solar charger mobile power.


Portable solar panel by Anker for the eco geek

The company Anker created a solar charger to carry around with you when travelling. “When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power” is their slogan. It is manufactured from industrial strength plastic solar panels (PET) sewn into high-wear polyester canvas. It is just a bit bigger than the size of an Ipad (or a clutch), it is light and it is the promise to infinite power., as long as there is some sun. Once it’s been charged, you just have to plug in your phone or camera or laptop and there you go. Now, who is gonna geek all night sitting in their hammock by the sea shore? Expert speaking!

Ha! Cork !

Corks recycled phone case for the eco geekI’m a big fan of natural and raw materials. I was looking for a phone case for my smartphone which could be resistant enough to protect my phone while travelling but  with a natural touch. I literally loathe plastic. I was ready to give in to the woods material but after consideration…since when cutting down trees to protect my electronic devises from my own clumsiness is a sensible thought?

After a few research on the web, I discovered the brand Kwmobile which sells phone cases entirely made up with recycled corks. It is nicely cut and hyper resistant even if the corks tend to be less and less bright and shiny with time. I like the simple and natural style of this phone case.

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